Sacramento Company Offers Round-Trip Tours of Sierra Nevada Brewing Company

A new tour takes beer aficionados from Sacramento directly to Northern California’s most recognizable brewery – Sierra Nevada Brewing Company in Chico. Alopex Eco Adventures is a local tour company that provides a personalized tour experience for small groups, with frequent travels around the region to places such as Yosemite... Read more »

It’s Time for a Weekend Getaway to Sacramento

For those of you who live throughout California and beyond, Sacramento is the perfect weekend getaway. Our location makes us easily accessible. Our top-notch hotels, attractions and dining make us exciting. And our down-to-earth style makes us affordable. And it could not be a better time to visit Sacramento. If you have not... Read more »

Planning Your Visit to the California State Capitol -- Self-Guided Tour

The California State Capitol was completed in 1874, and since then, it has been an enduring and must-see Sacramento attraction. It is a living museum, dedicated to sharing California’s past and at the same time working to build California’s future. When you visit Sacramento, the Capitol should be on your list of attractions... Read more »

Sacramento's Crocker Art Museum Prepares for an Exciting 2016

    There is a lot happening at Sacramento’s Crocker Art Museum as we head into the second half of 2016 - exhibitions include glass (from ancient Roman to contemporary American), photography, colonial art, sculpture and European drawings. Talks, walks and the like are great ways to learn a little more about the art on display.... Read more »

Sacramento Tourism Team Names 2015 Tourism Champions

As the Tourism team here in Sacramento, we know that tour companies count on the cooperation of our partners to make our destination an easy, memorable and affordable part of an itinerary. When we have a chance to show off Sacramento, we don’t want to squander the opportunity by providing anything less than the best. This means... Read more »

5 Reasons to Travel to Sacramento by Train

What if your trip to Sacramento was part of the fun?  The Capitol Corridor is an excellent and convenient way to travel to Sacramento from the Bay Area and the  Central Valley. Whether you are planning a trip for a large group or a small family gathering, there are several reasons you should consider using Amtrak and the Capitol... Read more »

Our Hometown Tourists Visit the Sacramento Zoo

People travel the world to visit zoos, from China to London to San Diego.  Why not take a day and travel to the Sacramento Zoo for a fabulous zoo experience?  Remember how much fun it was to go to the zoo for the first time? Well, guess what? It's still fun, even if you’ve been there before. The Sacramento Zoo is close to... Read more »

Sacramento Antique Shopping Guide

A full uninterrupted five or six hours of antique shopping in Sacramento has been at the top of my to-do list for several years now. It was a cold February morning as I embarked upon a day to myself, just me and my excitement at the prospect of finding a trunk load of treasures. I was on the hunt for well-worn and previously... Read more »

Our Hometown Tourists Enjoy a Sacramento Segway Tour

Even weeks later it still makes me smile! On a bright summer morning, Cindy, Jackie, and I met at 28th and V, the headquarters of Hysterical Tours. We were excited to embark on a Segway tour of Midtown Sacramento.  When I first approached the machine, it seemed awkward and a bit intimidating.  But once our guide (also named... Read more »

Our Hometown Tourists Explore the Varieties of Winter Squash

I love autumn in the Sacramento Valley.  I look forward each year to going up to Apple Hill for apple pie and wandering through the craft stalls on the weekends.  But closer to home are pumpkin patches, farmers markets and seasonal produce stands in our own neighborhoods.  Too many people associate pumpkin patches with just... Read more »