Do as your Groups Do: Enjoy a Sacramento Fam Trip

Whether you call them famils, fams, superfams, or familiarization tours, the importance of these trips is simple and clear.  Here at the Sacramento Convention & Visitors Bureau, we believe in the strong value of a fam trip.  It is important for tour operators and travel professionals to be able to see every aspect of a tour you... Read more »

2012: A Big Year for Sacramento Restaurants, Attractions and Events

This was a big year for Sacramento, and next year will be even bigger. 2012 saw Sacramento officially named “America’s Farm to Fork Capital” – a title well-earned over the past 200 years. The farms in the Sacramento region supply ingredients to the country’s best restaurants…and, of course, many of those restaurants are right... Read more »

Disconnect in Sacramento

Today’s travelers are more connected than ever. Friends, work and information of all kinds are never further away than the tap of a touchscreen. And while smart phones, iPads and other technologies have made travelling easier and more enjoyable in many ways, sometimes you just want to disconnect and enjoy your surroundings. ... Read more »

6 Reasons You Should Add Sacramento to Your Northern California Itinerary

Northern California is full of iconic highlights such as Yosemite, Lake Tahoe, San Francisco, wine country and more. If your groups are coming to California for the first time (or for the twentieth, really) there’s a good chance they will be visiting at least one of those spots. And right smack in the middle of all those... Read more »

Add Unique Experiences to Your Itinerary

For some folks, there’s nothing worse than those “please do not touch” signs in a museum. Some people like to dive-in rather than just walk through. Luckily, Sacramento is full of unique opportunities for those looking for a more hands-on experience. Hopping on a bike is one of the best ways to really see what Sacramento is all... Read more »

How We Work with Tour Operaters to Avoid Hidden Fees

The thing that makes hidden fees so tricky is that – just as the name implies – they’re hidden. You never know when they’re going to rear their ugly little hidden heads. And whether it’s an unexpected parking fee or an extra charge for a museum docent, hidden fees are never any fun. So if you’re booking group tours in a city... Read more »

5 Reasons We're Excited About What's Happening in Sacramento (And Why You Should Be Too)

We're excited about what is happening in Sacramento.  And you should be too.  As the summer travel and tourism season kicks off, Sacramento events, attractions and more are ready to accommodate your group's itinerary.  I have compiled a list of 5 things we are excited about in Sacramento.  There is something here to fit all the... Read more »

"I'll Sit This One Out" - How Sacramento Provides Options for Your Less Adventurous Group Members

Sometimes not all group activities are for everyone. Maybe whitewater rafting is a bit too daring.  Or the group is wine-tasting and you don’t drink. We all find ourselves in this type of situation from time to time. Well, have no worries. The Sacramento CVB strives to make everyone in your group enjoy their time here - even if... Read more »

Sacramento Works with Multiple Destinations to Create Your Best Itinerary

At the Sacramento CVB, we’re all about making things easier on tour operators. After all, isn’t that what we’re here for?  Part of this means that we partner with the representatives from the surrounding regions so that you can expand your itineraries, but still have one simple point-of-contact.We recently worked with a tour... Read more »

Helping Tour Operators Plan a Trip to Sacramento

You only have 48 hours to see Sacramento.  Don’t worry, the Sacramento Convention & Visitors Bureau has got you covered.  We put together countless specific itineraries for groups visiting our region because we're Sacramento tourism experts.Recently, a group of travel agents from Australia experienced the Capital City for the... Read more »