Nick's 2016 Year-End Tourism Recap

The Visit Sacramento Tourism Office had another exciting, successful year. We welcomed more visitors to Sacramento than ever before. We also hosted more industry familiarization tours, which has led to more people actually seeing firsthand why Sacramento is such a great town. 2016 also saw our tourism team spend countless hours... Read more »

Sacramento Tourism Team Names 2015 Tourism Champions

As the Tourism team here in Sacramento, we know that tour companies count on the cooperation of our partners to make our destination an easy, memorable and affordable part of an itinerary. When we have a chance to show off Sacramento, we don’t want to squander the opportunity by providing anything less than the best. This means... Read more »

Sacramento Tourism Brings More Travel Professionals in 2014 than ever Before

I guess time flies when you’re busy, and we here in Sacramento tourism have had a whirlwind year. People who live in Sacramento know what a great place it is to relax, eat, drink, learn and adventure, and it’s our job let the rest of the world know. This year, we focused on actually getting out there and spreading word face to... Read more »

Sacramento Tourism Targets the International Market

The international travel market is taking note of what Sacramento has to offer….even if they might not yet know exactly where we are. On a recent sales trip to Germany, I spent a lot of time pointing to a small star in the center of a map of California and saying something like, “This is where the magic happens.” Most of... Read more »

You Can't Beat Summertime in America's Farm-to-Fork Capital

Summertime in Sacramento is a special thing. While I would never call myself a “foodie,” I’m certainly an enthusiastic eater. And there’s lots of eating to be enthusiastic about during a Sacramento summer. As everyone knows by now, Sacramento is known as America’s Farm-to-Fork Capital. Of course, I’m well aware that... Read more »

14 Sacramento Nightlife Hotspots

​So, you have spent all day touring Sacramento’s museums and attractions, and now it’s time to plan your night.  Sacramento has nightlife hotspots where you can socialize, have a cocktail, meet some interesting locals, or even dance the night away.  Here are 14 of our most popular Sacramento nightlife hotspots. Track 7 Brewing... Read more »

6 Ways to Use the SCVB’s Partner Relationships to Maximize Your Group Tour

When you send a group tour to Sacramento, we know you want to give them the best experience possible.  And sometimes, you need hotels, museums and other attractions at your destination to work with you to make your itinerary “click.”  Your itinerary might not fit into a 9-5 schedule.  Or you need a little something extra to... Read more »

Sacramento Tourism's 2013 Year in Review

It’s hard to believe that 2013 is almost over, but the calendar and the volume of holiday candy in my office don’t lie. It has certainly been a whirlwind of a year. In Sacramento, the year was dominated by food. As “America’s Farm-to-Fork Capital,” we enjoyed our local bounty in new ways and put Sacramento in its rightful spot... Read more »

Top 12 Sacramento Niche Itinerary Ideas

Sacramento is a dream for many of your niche travelers and affinity groups.  We have noticed that there is a rise in groups of people with a common hobby or interest traveling together in groups.  Sacramento is one of the best locations for many of those niche groups to explore their interests and hobbies.  And the best part is... Read more »

5 Unique Points To Help Sell Sacramento To Your International Clients

Visitors from all over the world flock to California each year. Those in search of unique experiences outside of the major gateway cities are taking notice of what’s going in Sacramento. In Sacramento, they are finding an authentic California experience with endless opportunities and a food capital like none other. Let’s take a... Read more »