Meet Our Hometown Tourists

Janet, Cindy and Carol:  Who we are.We met in a Toastmasters Class in 1994.  When the chapter disbanded, we decided we would still meet occasionally for lunch.  Since we all worked in different departments for Sacramento County, our paths frequently crossed at work.  We had the common employer denominator to give us plenty of... Read more »

Our Hometown Tourists Revisit the Governor's Mansion

The Governor's Mansion in Sacramento is a Victorian house with a lot of history in the heart of California's capital city. So, been there, done that, checked it off the list?  Think again. One of the greatest benefits of being a tourist in your own town is that you can go back to your favorite touristy venues again and again. ... Read more »

Our Hometown Tourists Visit the California State Fair

It's summer in Sacramento, and the California State Fair is happening now. You may have seen the TV commercials showing the mascots dancing and singing and advertising special discounts on items like spas and furniture. And the local news shows have sent anchors to the fair grounds to experience the sights and sample the food.... Read more »

Our Hometown Tourists Enjoy "Art of the Dumpster"

Dumpsters as art? Yes indeed. Anything you will find in a traditional painting or sculpture exhibit you will find through the end of August at the Art of the Dumpster exhibit at the corner of Power Inn Road and Cucuamonga Avenue (just off Highway 50 south of Folsom Boulevard) in Sacramento. Whimsy, allegory -- it’s all here. The... Read more »

Our Hometown Tourists Take an Architectural Walking Tour

Beaux Arts. Renaissance. Italianate. Greek. Baroque. Victorian. Do you know what these terms have in common? If you guessed architectural styles, you are correct. But I just learned that all of these architectural styles and more can be found within a five block area of downtown Sacramento. That is what we realized when Janet,... Read more »

Our Hometown Tourists Enjoy a Food Truck Event

Since we live in Sacramento, America’s Farm-to-Fork Capital, we are very fortunate to have amazing culinary events throughout the area. In addition to the amazing restaurants, farmers markets, and other activities, food trucks play a big role in Sacramento’s culinary scene.  And maybe you've seen 'em zipping around town:... Read more »

Our Hometown Tourists Visit the Sierra Sacramento Valley Museum of Medical History and Historical Library

Looking for something offbeat and interesting to do with your out-of-town (or in-town) medical professional relatives or friends when they visit Sacramento? Perhaps you are a history buff or a budding novelist.  Take a couple of hours and visit the Sierra Sacramento Valley Museum (SSVMS) of Medical History on Elvas Avenue in... Read more »

Our Hometown Tourists Visit the California Pharmacy Museum

by Carol Dabrowiak and Janet Lewis Located in the offices of the California Pharmacists Association, the Don and June Salvatori California Pharmacy Museum is a little tricky to find.  You need to arrange for an appointment in advance.  But it is well worth a visit for anyone with even a passing interest in the history of how... Read more »

Our Hometown Tourists Enjoy an Old Sacramento Ghost Tour

Are you ready for a historical tour in Old Sacramento that will give you shivers and maybe even goosebumps?  Try the Historic Old Sac Foundation’s Ghost Tour, available only through the month of October.  Even if you’ve previously enjoyed the foundation’s Old Sacramento Underground tour, rest assured that the Ghost Tour is not... Read more »

Our Hometown Tourists Make a Day Trip to Folsom

By Carol Dabrowiak and Cindy Gibbs, Sacramento's Hometown Tourists Just a short drive from Downtown Sacramento, Folsom is a quick, easy and fun day trip.  When planning a trip to Old Folsom, don’t forget the Folsom History Museum.  So many people come to Folsom for the food, the stores, the farmers market, craft fair and so many... Read more »

Our Hometown Tourists Visit Apple Hill

The Do's and Donuts of Apple Hill By Cindy Gibbs Autumn is in the air and it is Apple Hill time again.  Orchards and shops in the Apple Hill area are really open during most of the year in the Gold Country.  October, though, is the time of year the majority of people seem to go.  However, other “off peak” times of the year offer... Read more »