Meet Our Hometown Tourists

Janet, Cindy and Carol:  Who we are.We met in a Toastmasters Class in 1994.  When the chapter disbanded, we decided we would still meet occasionally for lunch.  Since we all worked in different departments for Sacramento County, our paths frequently crossed at work.  We had the common employer denominator to give us plenty of... Read more »

Our Hometown Tourists Visit Calaveras County's Caves and Caverns

Sacramento resides in the heart of a fabulous tourist area. Beyond our immediate city boundaries, within a one- to two-hour drive, are myriad destinations to explore and enjoy. Just southeast of Sacramento is Calaveras County with several fantastic limestone caverns.  Each one is unique in its own way and all are... Read more »

Our Hometown Tourists Go to a Sacramento River Cats Game

Take me out to the ballgame! My friend Judy and I share common interests in horses, quilts, and reading. Recently I learned that Judy is a very knowledgeable baseball fan as well. Baseball isn’t something I follow very closely, but when I received a text from Judy inviting me to a Sacramento River Cats game, I thought, “Why not?... Read more »

Our Hometown Tourists Visit the Delta King

  Walk along the decks of a once-sunken ship, dine on the bow as the breeze sweeps across from the river and get a unique view of Old Sacramento when you walk aboard the Delta King, which has retired from its days plying the waters of America and is now an iconic hotel/lounge. The ship was built in Glasgow, Scotland... Read more »

Our Hometown Tourists Visit Folsom's Museum of Wonder and Delights

Folsom's Museum of Wonder and Delights -- it's for the kid in all of us.  The newest of Folsom Historical Society's museums, the Folsom Museum of Wonder and Delight opened in mid-September 2015. Cindy, Carol, and Janet visited the museum on its opening weekend.  As you enter from the plaza just north of the Historic Folsom light... Read more »

Our Hometown Tourists Explore Public Art at Sacramento International Airport

Each time travelers pass through Sacramento International Airport, they're walking through an art museum. As you grab your bags and rush to the train to get to baggage claim, try looking around. There are lovely pieces of public art to see and experience.  Terminal A doesn’t have as much art as the newer Terminal B, but one... Read more »

Our Hometown Tourists Visit the Sacramento Zoo

People travel the world to visit zoos, from China to London to San Diego.  Why not take a day and travel to the Sacramento Zoo for a fabulous zoo experience?  Remember how much fun it was to go to the zoo for the first time? Well, guess what? It's still fun, even if you’ve been there before. The Sacramento Zoo is close to... Read more »

Our Hometown Tourists Visit Folsom Powerhouse State Historic Park

The headline of the San Francisco Chronicle, Friday July 2, 1895: “It was 4 a.m. in Sacramento and a 100 gun salute shattered the quiet…”  That was when the turbines at the Folsom Powerhouse first began to spin and produce electricity.  It was a really big deal for the electric current to run down the lines from Folsom the 22... Read more »

Our Hometown Tourists Enjoy a Sacramento Segway Tour

Even weeks later it still makes me smile! On a bright summer morning, Cindy, Jackie, and I met at 28th and V, the headquarters of Hysterical Tours. We were excited to embark on a Segway tour of Midtown Sacramento.  When I first approached the machine, it seemed awkward and a bit intimidating.  But once our guide (also named... Read more »

Our Hometown Tourists Explore the Hawaiian Chieftain

Ahoy, matey! When you tour the tall ship Hawaiian Chieftain, you suddenly want to talk like a pirate. She was berthed on the river in Old Sacramento from October 22 through December 8 for her annual visit to our city. The day we went on board for our latest adventure was cold and rainy. So that added a bit of mystery to... Read more »

Our Hometown Tourists Explore the Varieties of Winter Squash

I love autumn in the Sacramento Valley.  I look forward each year to going up to Apple Hill for apple pie and wandering through the craft stalls on the weekends.  But closer to home are pumpkin patches, farmers markets and seasonal produce stands in our own neighborhoods.  Too many people associate pumpkin patches with just... Read more »