Why You Should Ditch the Floral Arrangement at your Next Meeting

While the economy is picking up and businesses are loosening their belts a bit when it comes to business travel, tight budgets for meetings and events are still very much the norm.  Meeting planners are continuously faced with tough decisions that will make or break the budget they have to work with, so it’s important to know in... Read more »

Face-to-Face Meetings in the 21st Century

Technology is king. Or is it? In this world fueled by technology it would seem that there is no longer a need to meet with clients, colleagues or co-workers in person. With smartphones, tablets and laptops at our fingertips day and night, we can communicate with just about anyone, anywhere, in a matter of seconds.... Read more »

Travel Trends: Voluntourism

A growing trend in leisure and business travel across the country is volunteer travel. Voluntourism is the act of travelers doing voluntary work to contribute to the community in which they are visiting. According to a recent United Nations report, the idea of combining vacations with volunteering has been increasing... Read more »

Three Major Food & Beverage Trends

Whether traveling for business or pleasure, food options are a top priority for just about everyone.  The result of the farm-to-table movement that has made its way across the country over the past few years is that people are much more educated about food and where it comes from, and are now making more informed decisions about... Read more »

Trimming the Fat Off F&B Costs

According to data collected for M&C's Meetings Market Report, food & beverage is one of the biggest-ticket items, typically eating up a minimum of 25 percent of a meeting's budget. Continuing down the list on how to cut meeting costs from MeetingsNet.com, here are five more tips that focus on F&B Sacramento style: 1.    ... Read more »

Five Tips on how to Save BIG on City Meetings

MeetingsNet.com listed several creative ways on how to cut meeting costs.  We here at the SCVB picked our top five and added in a Sacramento twist.   1.    Go During the Off-Season or on Weekends Planning a winter meeting in Milwaukee or a summer event in Miami is a good way to find great deals on hotels and meeting space.  The... Read more »

Three Meeting Trends to Keep Your Eye On

Let’s face it.  Times, they are a changin’.  At least in the meeting industry, they are.  You may not be able to put your finger on it, but everyone from planners to attendees, to hotel workers feels it.  Whether we are talking about corporate meetings or conferences, conventions or trade shows, there has been a significant... Read more »

7 benefits of a Sacramento Site Tour

The importance of a Sacramento site tour is simple and clear, and it’s said best by Dawn Myers from National Rural Water Association, “My association set up sites in several cities in California. Initially I was not excited about Sacramento, believing there was not much in this city. Of all the sites, the people in... Read more »

Five Ways to Enhance Your Sacramento Convention Stay

Sacramento Convention Center groups will find themselves centrally located in the Downtown Sacramento area, and there are plenty of things to do in Sacramento once those conference sessions are over. Here are five ways to enhance your Sacramento convention stay by getting out and exploring California's capital city. 1. Visit Old... Read more »

10 Ways to Enhance your Convention Stay in Sacramento

  In town for a convention? You don’t have to stray far from the Sacramento Convention Center to discover the essence of our city. Here are 10 suggestions for filling in those gaps between commitments.   1.       Rub shoulders with politicos and fill up on fun facts during a free tour of the California State Capitol. 2.      ... Read more »