Tips On Making Your Meeting Green

  • Request pitchers of water from the host property instead of bottled water.
  • Request china at all food & beverage functions. Avoid disposable food containers.
  • Do not provide handouts for the educational sessions. Instead place handouts on a  website or on a thumb drive.
  • Send all confirmations and information electronically.
  • Do not provide printed agendas. Instead have a dedicated monitor at the registration desk, or post agenda on electronic boards.
  • Request healthy meals using locally grown or organic food.
  • Any printed paper accumulated during the event should be recycled.
  • Ask the host property not to provide pads and paper during the educational sessions.
  • Collect name badge holders for recycling and reuse at all other events throughout the year.
  • All event signage should be recycled and/or reused. Stay away from polystyrene or petrochemicals in décor, packaging, or signage.
  • Event bags should be made from recyclable material, which can be reused after the event for groceries, etc. 
  • Encourage attendees to carpool, bike, or use public transportation to event.
  • Have a solid count of attendees to avoid wasteful over spending and excess. Consider charging for attendance to get a more solid attendee count.
  • If handouts are necessary, have them printed on both sides of the paper.
  • Partner with a local charity or community/environmental project and collect funds through a raffle.
  • Avoid balloons as décor. Instead think about having potted plants that can be replanted.
  • Choose venues that are recognized as green properties:

Information provided by DGS.