Meetings in Sacramento Fit Neatly Under One Roof

Last issue, we looked at using a convention center. This month, we look at using self-contained properties, particularly those located away from the downtown core. The advantages of a one hotel conference are obvious, number one being that your attendees typically need only travel down an elevator and the length of a hallway to... Read more »

Don't Be Afraid of Using a Convention Center

Moving your meeting or conference from a single hotel to a convention center can be a little intimidating and seemingly so much more work than you have time for, especially if you have a small staff or are a one-person department. Yet, sometimes circumstances dictate the need to seriously consider a convention center and hotel... Read more »

River Cats Hosting "Mommy and Me Day" Wednesday, April 20

Our favorite mom from wrote this blog last week and wanted to share in time for the River Cats "Mommy and Me Day" this Wednesday, 10 am-1 pm. Enjoy!:Last year, my daughter and I visited Raley Field during their “Mommy & Me Day”, and we both had such a great time that she continues to talk about “Dinger” the... Read more »

Convention RFP Process Can Run Smoothly

One area that can seem like a relatively simple process, but you soon discover that the coordination can be time-consuming, daunting even, with results that can be less than desired, is the RFP (request for proposal) process. Primarily, the response rate for proposals can be slow in coming or not at all, causing planners to... Read more »

Top 10 Questions and Oddball Requests from Sacramento Visitors in 2010

The Sacramento region attracts 15 million visitors per year. Thousands of them call, email or stop by the Sacramento Convention & Visitors Bureau main office and our Visitor Center in Old Sacramento to help with their trip planning. Most questions are simple and routine: help me find a hotel room, where can I eat dinner near the... Read more »

Five Reasons Why You'll Enjoy Visiting Sacramento this Holiday Season

Many people travel to Sacramento for the holidays to visit family and friends. Here are five little tidbits about visiting Sacramento that will make your trip affordable and more enjoyable:Sacramento holiday hotel packages. They are in abundance. You don't want to sleep on the couch or in a too-small twin bed surrounded by... Read more »

Sacramento Jazz Festival Serves Up Savory Sounds at Betty's Bistro

What is perhaps one of the premier Sacramento weekend events takes place every Memorial Day Weekend - Sacramento Jazz Festival & Jubilee. As much fun and excitement  there is during the weekend, the Festival holds a special place in the hearts of Sacramento Convention Center employees, but for a different reason.In 2007, Senior... Read more »

"Heart of the House"

The Sacramento Hotel Association held its annual gala where they honored outstanding hotel employees - housekeepers, front desk clerks, cooks, bussers, guest service agents and laundry workers. It was a fantastic evening, built around a "Bollywood" theme. The honorees were given the royal treatment and were surrounded by their... Read more »

Spring in Sacramento is Taking a Little Detour

This post was supposed to be about Spring in Sacramento. That's when the buds begin to bloom on the city's tree-lined streets, Sacramento nightlife really comes alive, and flip flops become the unofficial shoes of the masses.Instead, consider this a detour post before Spring arrives. Why? Because it's been raining... really,... Read more »

A Cardinal, Muskateer and Bulldogs Seen Running Around Sacramento

For the first time ever, Sacramento is hosting the NCAA Division 1 Women's Basketball  Regional Champioships at Arco Arena. If you've never experienced March Madness for women or men, then take this opportunity to do so. The crowds are electric, the bands are charged up, and the teams leave their hearts out on the floor. Even... Read more »