Our Hometown Tourists Revisit the Governor's Mansion

The Governor's Mansion in Sacramento is a Victorian house with a lot of history in the heart of California's capital city. So, been there, done that, checked it off the list?  Think again. One of the greatest benefits of being a tourist in your own town is that you can go back to your favorite touristy venues again and again. ... Read more »

Our Hometown Tourists Take an Architectural Walking Tour

Beaux Arts. Renaissance. Italianate. Greek. Baroque. Victorian. Do you know what these terms have in common? If you guessed architectural styles, you are correct. But I just learned that all of these architectural styles and more can be found within a five block area of downtown Sacramento. That is what we realized when Janet,... Read more »

Sacramento Student Travel Itinerary Teaches Gold Rush and California History in a Fun Way

Fourth-grade student travel groups coming to Sacramento get a wealth of information from overall California history to Gold Rush history. A comprehensive two-day trip gives an exciting real-life experience of otherwise dusty topics in history books. Arriving at Sacramento International Airport or in Downtown Sacramento,... Read more »

Our Hometown Tourists Visit the Sierra Sacramento Valley Museum of Medical History and Historical Library

Looking for something offbeat and interesting to do with your out-of-town (or in-town) medical professional relatives or friends when they visit Sacramento? Perhaps you are a history buff or a budding novelist.  Take a couple of hours and visit the Sierra Sacramento Valley Museum (SSVMS) of Medical History on Elvas Avenue in... Read more »

Sacramento Zoo Breaks Ground on New Exhibit: Small Wonders of Africa

The Sacramento Zoo broke ground today on a new exhibit to showcase six animal species new to the zoo, which is set to open in Summer 2014. Wolf's Guenon Small Wonders of Africa will be the home to African Straw-Colored Fruit Bats, Banded Mongooses, Aardvarks, Wolf's Guenons, Red-Billed Hornbills and Crested Guineafowl. Each of... Read more »

Stay in Sacramento Grand Prize Winner

In 2013, we asked followers of our newsletters and blogs to submit their favorite tourism experiences in Sacramento.  We received responses from all over the nation as well as some international submissions.  People told us about their experiences at Sacramento museums, attractions and hotels.  From family travel to... Read more »

The 16th Annual Sacramento Museum Day is just Around the Corner

It’s time to plan for the ever-popular Sacramento Museum Day! Mark you calendars and make your plans now for the 16th Annual Sacramento Museum Day on Saturday, February 1, 2014. This year, 30 area museums will be welcoming you, your family and friends all day long. Admission to most museums is FREE, with just a couple of museums... Read more »

Destination Sacramento: The Perfect Multigenerational Family Vacation

You've seen them around...you're on vacation, leisurely snapping photos in places like Disneyland or the Grand Canyon, when all of a sudden you are descended upon by a group of people ranging from toddler age to senior citizens. You know who I'm talking about, those families who travel in packs. With matching t-shirts. Maybe you... Read more »

Our Hometown Tourists Enjoy an Old Sacramento Ghost Tour

Are you ready for a historical tour in Old Sacramento that will give you shivers and maybe even goosebumps?  Try the Historic Old Sac Foundation’s Ghost Tour, available only through the month of October.  Even if you’ve previously enjoyed the foundation’s Old Sacramento Underground tour, rest assured that the Ghost Tour is not... Read more »

Planning Ahead: 12 Annual Sacramento Events

We know that our tour operator clients plan their itineraries several months to a year in advance.  Sacramento has several events that happen around the same time every year.  We have compiled a list of 12 annual events that your groups will love.  All of these events are group-friendly and are sure to be a hit with your group... Read more »