Planning Ahead: 12 Annual Sacramento Events

We know that our tour operator clients plan their itineraries several months to a year in advance.  Sacramento has several events that happen around the same time every year.  We have compiled a list of 12 annual events that your groups will love.  All of these events are group-friendly and are sure to be a hit with your group... Read more »

Sacramento Celebrates Pride, LGBT Tourism

During the month of June, cities all over the world celebrate LGBT Pride.  Sacramento is no exception.  Sacramento celebrates the diversity of its citizens and visitors through several Pride-related events throughout the month.  As the capital city of one of the most diverse states in the country, Sacramento takes its duty to... Read more »

Four Easy Ways to Get to Sacramento, Where Being Here Is All the Fun

  Some say getting there is half the fun.  In Sacramento’s case, you can save 100 percent of the fun for when you arrive, because getting here is the easiest part.  We want you to be able to start enjoying great Sacramento attractions, accommodations and experiences as soon as possible.  And there are a variety of quick and easy... Read more »

Enjoy an All-American Experience in Sacramento

The Sacramento region has played a huge part in the history of America.  In Sacramento, nestled in with all of the modern amenities of a world-class city, there is an appreciation for our region’s history and the contributions we continue to make to the American culture.  We are proud to give visitors to Sacramento an... Read more »

Tales from a Sacramento Fam Trip

Have you ever wondered what it's like to experience a true Sacramento Fam trip? We had the opportunity to host 10 travel and tourism professionals from the UK (and one donkey mascot) on the Visit California SuperFam 2012.  We only had a little more than 24 hours to show them some of the best Sacramento and Gold Country sites,... Read more »

Top 12 Things You May Not Know about Sacramento International Airport

Getting there is half the fun, right?  Many lucky travelers have had a chance to experience the incredible new Terminal B at Sacramento International Airport.  But you may be surprised by the things you don’t know about traveling to and from Sacramento via SMF.  Here are some features, factoids and fun tips you should know about... Read more »

5 Things You Need to Know about Step-On Guides for Your Group Tours

Step-on guides can be a tour operator’s best friend.  Tour operators put a lot of faith in these guides to enhance the experience of their travelers while working to seamlessly fit into their itinerary.  The Sacramento CVB works with step-on guide providers, such as Cal-Events, to provide knowledgeable, friendly and... Read more »

5 Reasons to Travel to Sacramento by Train

Sometimes traveling isn’t pleasant.  Gas prices, traffic jams and other factors can cause major anxiety on the way to your destination.  The trip to the destination is considered the means to an end.  Getting there could be considered the hard part.  What if the trip to the destination was part of the fun?  The Capitol Corridor... Read more »

All Aboard! Five Ways Sacramento Gives You a Hassle-Free and Value-Added Motorcoach Experience

Your motorcoach is essential to your group.  And it is also essential your motorcoach seamlessly fits into your scheduled itinerary.  Sacramento is a motorcoach-friendly destination with many options to ensure your motorcoach is staged, loaded, unloaded and parked with ease in reasonable time.  Here are five ways the Sacramento... Read more »

Satisfy Your Shopping Needs in Sacramento

With the holiday season quickly approaching, it is time to begin planning your holiday strategy for buying gifts.  Whether you are shopping for gifts or for your everyday retail addiction, Sacramento has an incredible variety of shops – from small boutiques to large department stores – that will ensure you find exactly what you... Read more »