10 Reasons Why Planning a Meeting in Sacramento is Like the Color Orange:

Did you know the color orange is about warmth and happiness and is known for its uplifting and rejuvenating strength? And...it is known to stimulate appetites, which is perfect in America's Farm-to-Fork Capital. Now here are 10 reasons why planning a meeting in Sacramento is so...well, orange: 1. Orange is Easy - Accessible City ... Read more »

Our Hometown Tourists Visit Apple Hill

The Do's and Donuts of Apple Hill By Cindy Gibbs Autumn is in the air and it is Apple Hill time again.  Orchards and shops in the Apple Hill area are really open during most of the year in the Gold Country.  October, though, is the time of year the majority of people seem to go.  However, other “off peak” times of the year offer... Read more »

2012: A Big Year for Sacramento Restaurants, Attractions and Events

This was a big year for Sacramento, and next year will be even bigger. 2012 saw Sacramento officially named “America’s Farm to Fork Capital” – a title well-earned over the past 200 years. The farms in the Sacramento region supply ingredients to the country’s best restaurants…and, of course, many of those restaurants are right... Read more »

Disconnect in Sacramento

Today’s travelers are more connected than ever. Friends, work and information of all kinds are never further away than the tap of a touchscreen. And while smart phones, iPads and other technologies have made travelling easier and more enjoyable in many ways, sometimes you just want to disconnect and enjoy your surroundings. ... Read more »

Top 12 Things You May Not Know about Sacramento International Airport

Getting there is half the fun, right?  Many lucky travelers have had a chance to experience the incredible new Terminal B at Sacramento International Airport.  But you may be surprised by the things you don’t know about traveling to and from Sacramento via SMF.  Here are some features, factoids and fun tips you should know about... Read more »

Day Two of Murhpys Wine Tasting

Hello again. Well day two in Murphys started out a little cloudy and I don't mean the sky!  Actually the weather in the Gold Country was quite beautiful that morning.  We were lucky enough to stay at my friends brother's home up above Murphys and had a wonderful view of the hillsides!  Our first stop of the day was for breakfast... Read more »

Wine Tasting In Murphys - Day One

Hello all you lovers of wine!!  I know many of you have been to wineries in California and in asking around I found that several of my co-workers and friends have been to Murphys in Calaveras County.  Well, I had not until now!!  Murphys is in the Gold Country and is known as the Queen of Sierra.  I am excited to get to talk... Read more »

Road Warriors Bring Home Gifts to Show They Care

Road warriors have a tough time during the holidays: Airplanes are fuller. Hotels and restaurants are more crowded. Year-end quotas loom. Even shopping and gift wrapping have deadlines! When you travel to Sacramento, California, for business, pick up a few items to show you care about your loved ones... and perhaps hard-working... Read more »

New Partners, New Deals for Your Groups

The SCVB is constantly signing on new partners that can be beneficial to your group.  We are able to work with our partners to give your groups the best possible experiences in Sacramento for the best price.  We would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to a few of our new partners.Gold Country Wine Tours takes... Read more »

Sacramento365.com's Top 10 Events: Week of May 30

This Week: Take Pride in all the Entertainment Sacramento OffersEmail support@sacramento365.com to get the Top 10 Events Newsletter delivered to your inbox.   Music: Asobi Seksu Blue Lamp Lounge May 31 Tues 8:30pm Haven't heard of Asobi Seksu? Don't miss your chance to see this New York City-based band here in Sacramento! Using... Read more »