You Can't Beat Summertime in America's Farm-to-Fork Capital

Summertime in Sacramento is a special thing. While I would never call myself a “foodie,” I’m certainly an enthusiastic eater. And there’s lots of eating to be enthusiastic about during a Sacramento summer. As everyone knows by now, Sacramento is known as America’s Farm-to-Fork Capital. Of course, I’m well aware that... Read more »

Our Hometown Tourists Take an Architectural Walking Tour

Beaux Arts. Renaissance. Italianate. Greek. Baroque. Victorian. Do you know what these terms have in common? If you guessed architectural styles, you are correct. But I just learned that all of these architectural styles and more can be found within a five block area of downtown Sacramento. That is what we realized when Janet,... Read more »

14 Sacramento Nightlife Hotspots

​So, you have spent all day touring Sacramento’s museums and attractions, and now it’s time to plan your night.  Sacramento has nightlife hotspots where you can socialize, have a cocktail, meet some interesting locals, or even dance the night away.  Here are 14 of our most popular Sacramento nightlife hotspots. Track 7 Brewing... Read more »

Our Hometown Tourists Enjoy an Old Sacramento Ghost Tour

Are you ready for a historical tour in Old Sacramento that will give you shivers and maybe even goosebumps?  Try the Historic Old Sac Foundation’s Ghost Tour, available only through the month of October.  Even if you’ve previously enjoyed the foundation’s Old Sacramento Underground tour, rest assured that the Ghost Tour is not... Read more »

Sacramento Brewers Bring Local Beer to Farm-to-Fork Festival

Sacramento was once one of the largest hop-producing regions in the world, and breweries with names such as Ruhstaller and Buffalo delivered Sacramento-produced beers far and wide until Prohibition. Today, Sacramento craft breweries are once again becoming more prolific, and many of them will be prominently featured at... Read more »

Sacramento's Hometown Tourists Visit Maidu Museum & Historic Site

The Sacramento area was home to several Native American tribes, and while the California State Indian Museum is located next to Sutter's Fort in Midtown Sacramento, nearby Roseville has preserved some of the original lands on which they lived. At Maidu Regional Park, visitors can see the evidence of their way of life both in the... Read more »

Five Ways to Enjoy Sacramento With Your Dog

  Sacramento’s moderate climate is perfect for a fun-filled day with the family – including the family dog. We’ve put together a list of five ways to enjoy California’s capital city with your dog. Photo by Peaceful Pets Petsitting 1. Take your four-legged friend to a Sacramento dog park Is your dog’s pent-up energy distracting... Read more »

Tourism is Sweet in Old Sacramento

As most merchants in Old Sacramento have come to understand, tourism is a large portion of their annual business and Jason Minow, owner of The Sacramento Sweets Co., is no different. The Sacramento Sweets Co. has been famil- owned and operated since its inception and has been in the same location in Old Sacramento since 1983.    ... Read more »

Why does Tourism Matter in Sacramento?

When people think of the difference tourism makes in Sacramento, it's about more than just showcasing the historic sights in the city, highlighting our thriving arts culture and bringing groups to the Sacramento Convention Center. Tourism makes a difference for Sacramento residents as well as those who arrive to get an authentic... Read more »

Business and Tourism Connect for Janie in Old Sacramento

Sacramento holds a special place in Janie Desmond-Ison’s heart not only because she works in the most historic part of the city, but because her family is what makes the history of Sacramento so appealing. As a fifth-generation Sacramentan, Desmond-Ison lives and breathes Sacramento. Her great-great-grandfather migrated to... Read more »